My Army ROTC Pictures

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Middendorf, Noonan, Bruce, Hoch, and Myself

Bruce, Middendorf, Hoch, Noonan,  and Myself

Myself and Sarah at a ROTC ball.

Me disassembling a Berretta M-9 Handgun

My ROTC class

Myself, Korman, and Howe

Mike, myself, and Dave at the ROTC ball after color guard.

Myself, Eric and Dave at an ROTC cookout.

Accepting my ROTC scholarship with LTC Hollaway. Ben, Adam, Andy, Mike, and myself during training for Ranger Challenge.

Me at the gas chamber of Ft. Lewis.

Taking a PT test at Rose-Hulman.
Myself and Marcilyn at a ROTC Ball.  
My Platoon at NALC

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