Rev. William Samuel Rash

War of 1812 Service from Kentucky

Ensign in Captain Joseph Kelly's Company of Infantry, 5th Regiment (Lewis'), Kentucky Volunteer Militia *

Sergeant in Captain Wiley R. Brassfield's Company of Infantry, 5th Regiment (Lewis'), Kentucky Volunteer Militia *

Prisoner of War - Battle of the River Raisin

PDF of Federal Personnel Record from the National Archives

"RASH FAMILY. A notable name in and around Winchester for a century has been that of the Rash Family. The old Rash home is four miles north of Winchester (Clark Co.). One of its owners and occupants for many years was Rev. William Samuel Rash, who lived there while he preached at Friendship Church, the building of which stood in the present cemetery at Winchester. Rev. William S. Rash was born in Clark County February 13, 1783, and died June 9, 1859. He was a pioneer "Hardshell" Baptist Preacher. He also served as a soldier in the War of 1812 and was captured at the Battle of River Raisin by the Indians, but made his escape by night. One of his Kentucky comrades, Leonard Beall, was not so fortunate, and was made to "run the gauntlet" and was a cripple from the experience the rest of his life."

Source: "History of Kentucky, by William Elsey Connelley and E.M. Coulter, PhD, in 5 Volumes. Vol 5, Pg 286. The American Historical Society, Chicago and New York, 1922."

My Lineage

Rev. William Samuel Rash

Elizabeth B. Rash

Eliza Jane Gowin

John Z. Waldroup

William Harrison Waldroup

Billie Lee Waldroup

Dennis Ray Waldroup

Captain Kevin Lee Waldroup


* This company was designated at various times as Captain Wiley R. Brassfields Company and Captain Joseph Kelly's Company.